Vegetales Guaqueta
agosto 26, 2016
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2016, Great year; 2017 even better


Guaqueta USA began in May of 2000 to offer advice and services as a broker, selling bulbs, seeds, seedlings and cuttings to serve the flower, cut foliage and potted plants growers. Our market serves Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean; with clients in the southern United States, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Venezuela.

But it is now time to expand and diversify! Due to popular demand and increasing orders for vegetable seeds from our customers, our vegetable division is growing and today we proudly distribute the best product to large and small farmers in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and the Caribbean Islands.

During 2016 our company had a total sales of $1,650K of which more than $600K, were in seeds. With respect to 2015 we had a total increase in sales of 27% and an increase of 129% in seeds. We look forward to our current clients joining in this growth, and taking on new clients as we keep expanding to bring you the best quality and standards for your business.

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